The Diagonalt Adventure 2020 – Norgesferie

We pushed our 31 years old BMW through the Norwegian coast.

This year’s trip with our BMW E30 went through Norwegian roads only. It was an unusual year. The tour was shorter than usual, but visiting 8 of 11 Norwegian provinces had brought us a lot of fun.

We started from Oslo, together with our friends from BMW Polish Club – headed towards Trollheimen fjellområdet. Then through Kristiansund and the legendary Atlantic Ocean Road. Of course, stunning Geiranger and breathtaking Trollstigen were on the list as well. After three days together, we separated from the group to start the pure exploration of the Norwegian south-west cost. There were small roads and no rush – just pure joy from the classic BMW and Norwegian nature. Lighthouses, beaches, cliffs, and various treasures between Førde, Bergen, Odda, Stavanger, and Kristiansand.

National tourist road Gamle Strynefjellsvegen – masterful road construction with mindblowing views. Even on a summer day, it was not difficult to understand that building this road in such a barren environment, at the end of the 19th century, must have been a bit of a challenge.

Big contrasts. How and cold. Welcome to the Norwegian sommer.

The roads around Innvikfjorden was breathtaking. We did Nordfjordeid to Breim, but through Stryn and Loen, driving along road Fv698 and Fv60. Skjørbakkane utsiktspunkt was a good place to stop and take a breath, after pushing through the corners.

One of the fines things, about driving in Norway, during the summertime, is that it never gets really dark. You can cruise around, enjoy the majestic view all day long.

Oh yes! We did enjoy the Norwegian beaches. Different kinds of.

One of the goals was to arrive at Byrknes – the farthest western place you can get with a car, without taking the ferry. Awaking experience, to have been there.

We did enjoy this trip. Maybe it was a short trip evet. But don’t forget, that driving 200 km in Norway is like driving 200 km elsewhere.  Not even Scotland is to compare. Here, driving takes time, and believe me, time goes slower when you are cruising around in the classic around Norway.


We did around 3.000 km on this trip during 11 days trip. It turned out, that during our three seasons of driving with the E30 we did pass 30.000 km with it.

Thank you all the people that was with us. People that we met. People that were following us through different media. There a many more to show and to tell. I hope I will keep you occupated.