RYE30 meets Diagonalt.

RYE30 started ten years ago when Duncan bought this dream-car-daily-driver. It didn’t start rolling until about two years ago.


Some weeks ago, I got a hilarious comment from Duncan under my Diagonalt calendars post on Facebook. We started to talk, and it turns out he is into something interesting.

Three guys from different fields: a biologist, mechanist, and service manager, started to build and race a BMW E30 together. A.M. and Duncan had been hanging out regularly for nearly a decade, so it was natural that they’ve made racing the car a central theme between them. That’s what happens when you combine biology with mechanics – a logical connection. To complete this formation, they only needed Michael – a premium cut from Duncan high school years who reunited with him a few times over that time.


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Making motorsports as professions.

It’s small to start the way they had. Everybody hopes it turns into something at least affordable in the future. Duncan owns the car, but Michael, A.M, and a handful of other people have contributed to the vehicle in indispensable ways. Everybody work on it and they all drive it.

For Duncan, it could only be the E30! Why any other car? Lancer Evo? For time-attack nerds. Corvette? It tends he doesn’t own any jeans shorts.

The 4-door M42 powered facelift was the only E30 Duncan could afford at the time. With rising prices of this sought car, they are probably going to stick with it for a while; especially since they have plans to run competitive classes for n/a engine under 2.5 liters, where they are doing pretty damn good, seeing their previous results.

They would also like to throw it down the north course of the Autobahn Country Club with the Tri-State Sports Car Club for their Tracksprint series too if the coffers allow it. I’m looking forward to following their adventures and wish them all the best.

Together, we are planning to explore more about a shared lifestyle and racing; and all that has to offers. The next topic on the schedule is the M42 engine. We both have quite an experience with this little bastard.

Read the interview RYE30 did with Diagonalt.