One Model Print. F87

NOK 311,00

The M2 F87 – the Ultimate Driving Machine. Choose from Black, White, Blue, and Orange color options.

Produced on 250g uncoated paper in a 40×30 cm dimension that fits most standard frame sizes. The frame is not included.

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Refined driving machine

Decades of development and refined M genes. The culmination of everything BMW stands for. The truly Ultimate Driving Machine that impresses you every time you get behind the wheel.

Stylish predator

BMW has defined what it means to reach quickness and smoothness.
The attitude and sharpness this car has while moving cannot be left unattended. The first-ever BMW M2 is the M car we waited for since the 80s.

Little bastard

It’s not always all about the size. Compact, quick, and light – the BMW M2 in a subtle appearance.

NOK 311,00Select options

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40×30 cm


Blue, Orange, Black, White


Printed on a 250g Cyclus Offset uncoated and recycled paper with a natural white color and its very own character, where touch and feel combine with the visual image for modern expression with an environmental story.


Wrapped with paper, rolled up and packed in a tube.


Printed locally with the environment in mind