One Model Print. F80

NOK 311,00

The M3 F80 – the Ultimate Driving Machine. Choose from White, Yellow, Violet, Red, and Blue color options.

Produced on 250g uncoated paper in a 40×30 cm dimension, that fits most standard frame sizes. The frame is not included.

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The Sedan

They were meant to be identical – the M3 and M4. You are not meant to be able to tell them apart; aside from the very obvious fact that one is a coupe and the other a saloon.

The perfection

The F80 heritage lies in the generation of M3 models dating back to 1985. This time again, as a sedan, with a performance and pace that never was in doubt. The perfect combination. The perfect car.


A good car. Exceptional, in fact.

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40×30 cm




Light Blue, Violet, Yellow, Red, White


Printed on a 250g Cyclus Offset uncoated and recycled paper with a natural white color and its very own character, where touch and feel combine with the visual image for modern expression with an environmental story.


Wrapped with paper, rolled up and packed in a tube.


Printed locally with the environment in mind