One Model Print. E32.

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The BMW E32 is pure luxury on wheels without unnecessary nonsense or extravagances.

Produced on 250g uncoated paper in a 40×30 cm dimension, that fits most standard frame sizes. The frame is not included.

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Pure luxury

The E32 earned itself a good reputation for being a well-made, luxury car. It definitely deserves its glory moment.

Impeccably bold

Larger, boxier, and more stately looking. More aerodynamic with a sleeker and lower design. More technological and luxurious! What do you need more?

Significant statement

The key to the executive lounge is the E32, with a solid styling statement that makes it a significant car.

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40×30 cm


Black, Red, White


Printed on a 250g Cyclus Offset uncoated and recycled paper with a natural white color and its very own character, where touch and feel combine with the visual image for modern expression with an environmental story.


Wrapped with paper, rolled up and packed in a tube.


Printed locally with the environment in mind