One Model Print. E10.

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BMW E10. They were made as a driver’s car and have kept that enthusiast appeal ever since. Choose between a few versions.

Produced on 250g uncoated paper in a 40×30 cm dimension, that fits most standard frame sizes. The frame is not included.

Henna and Schwarz finish are also available at the same price – please ask if interested. For more sophisticated prints, please visit the Custom Shop.

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A little

The BMW 02 Series was one of the models that not only saved BMW from the crisis, but it became a car that redefined what BMW was. It possessed a unique style that, in time, became iconic in the automotive world.


They were made as a driver’s car and have kept that enthusiast appeal ever since. Many variants were produced; Tii, Turbo, Alpina, AC Schnitzer. From an entry-level BMW to high-strung racers pushed to the limits. You bet, why the 02 series is now one of the most important BMWs of all time?

Everyone’s dream

A fantastic car and real proof that BMW has a long tradition of building ultimate driving machines that combine design and driving pleasure. There are probably not many people who would have said no to one of these.

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40×30 cm




Printed on a 250g Cyclus Offset uncoated and recycled paper with a natural white color and its very own character, where touch and feel combine with the visual image for modern expression with an environmental story.


Wrapped with paper, rolled up and packed in a tube.


Printed locally with the environment in mind