A story behind Diagonalt

& craftmanship

The idea behind this project was to signify and emphasize the artistic expressions of works drawn from the bavarian automotive and motorsport tradition. Diagonalt was created to share my passion for classics and to offer a variety of quality products of the iconic BMW models from the Golden Era. All are crafted with an eye for thoughtful design, quality, and craftsmanship.

I’m a graphic designer with an enormous feeling for BMW. I put a lot of effort into this project to ensure that you purchase art products with the care it deserves. However, I do value great customer advice on how I can improve future Diagonalt adventures. I’m open to hearing your thoughts about my project and its progress.

Diagonalt BMW Poster Production
Diagonalt BMW Poster Production

It’s my contribution to classic automotive tradition and lifestyle – all crafted with an eye for thoughtful design.


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Automotive world
of Diagonalt

My name is Pawel Bilas. I praise classic Bayerische Motoren Werke cars’ inventions, personalities, and aesthetics. I’ve created the Diagonalt – automotive visual arts project with graphic design taste and competencies from my design studio.

With pride, I can state that my products are shipped to various parts of the world. So far, they have already reached 39 countries spread across 5 continents.

Diagonalt Production BMW Calendar
Diagonalt Production BMW Calendar

If you’re wondering about something or need to know more, write to me. Although Norway is a bit far away, I’ll try to answer as fast as we can.

Diagonalt by
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