visual arts

Diagonalt offers a variety of quality products made for BMW enthusiasts. You’ll find a unique selection of iconic BMW models from the Golden Era in the art form.

Crafted with an eye for thoughtful design, quality, and craftsmanship. I appreciate your visit to the store.

The DTM Classics

Ready to order, unique Custom Shop models.

Explore group collections

Find the perfect print with the right models and colors that suit your mindset and wall.

One Model Print
– signature collection

Find your favorite BMW model, starting from the 1960s.

The Bavarian classics

In Diagonalt collections, you will find a predefined selection of the most iconic Bavarian models, presented individually or in groups. Always suited with matching, classic rims. A variety of different chassis and aerodynamics are to be found. This will hopefully satisfy the generality of tastes out there.

Diagonalt Custom BMW Poster

Custom car
on your wall

For more curious customers, it’s possible to choose a car model and color. Change the wheels, suspension setup, or yet extra aerodynamics. I can design a custom BMW poster that can match your dream car. You can even add the desired description of it. Prices are individual, but simple modification starts from around 600 NOK.

Appreciate the classic wheels

Have you ever thought about retrofitted coasters?
Here they are. Which one do you choose?

Diagonalt One Model Poster BMW E24
Diagonalt Custom Poster BMW E10